Handmade in Scotland.

As time has progressed, I have noticed our species show less interest towards the level of effort required to obtain supply’s, products and day to day items. We are unable to see the extensive amount of energy required to make even the most basic of things. We consume at extremely unsustainable levels, and throw away even more.


Waste pollutes our water, land and air, which directly affects the health of ourselves, the other creatures we share the planet with and the earth overall. Yet cheaper products, quicker always comes first. This will ultimately build up and have huge consequences, from which we will have to pay the price.


I created Solstice Studios to publish my arts and crafts under a unified image of sustainability and care for the environment.  To show people that you can do the things we enjoy and own things that we like that don’t have massive negative impacts on our planet, or the people in it. Hopefully we can shift away from the current trend of consuming cheap mass produced products which have high carbon footprints and unsustainable ties by encouraging people to DIY or support local creatives.

Et Toi?

I currently live in rural Angus, Scotland. I am finally making the time to try different mediums and find out what I enjoy doing, something I don’t think we get much time to do in the modern world.

I take a lot of inspiration from nature and enjoyment from being in the mountains.  The world we’ve created for ourselves is complicated and offers many paths for us to fall down, but making art and building things offers some stability in this madness.